Terms of Agreement for Contractors/Agents


You are welcomed on-board to Quality Agent Services (QAS). You are one of our valuable assets, and together, in team work, we shall achieve overall quality studies service.


Our agent/contractor should:

  1. Be a very good marketer
  2. Have financial integrity
  3. Be knowledgeable on VISA processing
  4. Have a contact address/office and available communication phone number
  5. Be able to turn out fifty (50) or more students in a year



  1. Creating awareness of quality studies and abroad studies in schools, institutions, individual, and other markets
  2. Creating interest to study abroad through quality studies platform
  3. Harnessing interest and having the candidates fill online form. Ensure they indicate that you are their agent to avoid conflict of interest
  4. Having the candidate pay for invitation and receive the invitation on arrival


  1. Legalization of documents
  2. Informing/educating the candidate of Embassy requirements
  3. Informing/educating the candidate on Embassy questions and the expected answers
  4. Informing the management immediately after interview date is secured


  1. Informing and Ensuring that prospective student has all the following requirements
    1. School fees
    2. Original Passport
    3. Higher Secondary school Certificate (For Degree course) translated into Ukrainian language
    4. Degree/Bachelor certificate (for Masters Course) translated into Ukrainian language
    5. Master Degree Certificate (For PHD) translated into Ukrainian language
    6. Transcript for Masters and PHD student translated into Ukrainian language
    7. Birth certificate translated into Ukrainian language
    8. Medical certificate showing absence of HIV/AIDS
    9. Medical certificate showing physical and mental fitness
    10. Sponsorship letter
    11. Bank statement (which may not be applicable in all cases)
    12. 8 passport size photos on a white background
  2. Ensuring the successful boarding and take-off of student from the country
  • It is our desire to have quality and competitive service. We encourage the agent to do all legally possible to assist the student.
  • We discourage immoderate charges on students or clients for services and assistance rendered by you. We build on services, relationships and lifetime business.
  • Transactions other than those directly made to/with us should not be made in the name of Quality Studies but support service separately rendered to the client by the agent.


  1. To promote the overall process
  2. To make available materials (electronically or in hard copy)
  3. To give permission to use our titles
  4. To perform all other services as provided under OUR SERVICES in our web page


  1. You will enjoy a working relationship with a body that has great commitment to integrity
  2. You will be given back two percent (2%) of the tuition of your student
  3. You will be given back Fifty dollars ($50) only for expenses on logistics