Terms and conditions

We are here to help you actualize your dream career; we do hope that you are determined to work out your dream, and to partner with us. We shall employ all lawful measures to ensure that you have a hitch-free study in Ukraine and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  1. If you have any challenge, please give us a timely firsthand information
  2. Before taking off for Ukraine, please kindly inform us, four to five (4-5) working days ahead of time. Scan your flight and passport details to us, so that we can inform the immigration and other agencies preparatory to your arrival.
  3. Among every other thing, remember that you are a student, please, be studious and diligent in your academics and make us proud.
  4. We shall be there for you to give you an excellent service, please do not commit crimes, obey the law and always feel free to ask our help.

If you violate these simple rules, we will not be happy with you and we will not mediate the consequences of your action.